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Welcome All

I am glad you stopped past my site. Since a child, story-telling flowed through my veins, so much so, that I became a print media journalist. I worked radio and television also, but writing owned my imagination. Since that time, thousands of stories flowed from my mind and appeared in newspapers, magazines and books around the country thanks to the Associated Press and others. I eventually left my writing career because it didn't pay well for a man with a family but I never stopped writing, I scribbled and typed stories about anything and everything whenever I had a chance.

Why I Write

I write because it is too painful not to do so. I write because it is the only conventional valve for relieving the world's indifference to me and mine. I write because I was never very good with my fists and bruising with words is more palatable to me. I write because I read. I read, so I can write. Daily, I read the world and its words. I write to ease my pain and the pain I know resides within the hearts of others much stronger than me. I write because it makes me happy, I write because not to do so is to abandon a talent that can be useful to others, for I am not brave.

I lack the strength to be on the front lines, not the courage. I write because I can admit this to myself and know that my talents can help to further learning and understanding, and yes, to even rock the boat enough to throw comfortable passengers into the seas of understanding without drowning in the directionless whirlpools of discordance and divisiveness when there is so little time. I write for those who cannot speak for themselves. I write for those who cannot see or will not see. I write because the universe commands that I do. I write for because my pen is my sword designed to cut a path in the undergrowth of ignorance, arrogance and inanity. Writing are the bricks and mortar that allow me to build, just as it is my hammer to destroy injustice and mistreatment. I write because I love the sound of words, spoken or written. I write because it is what I do, but mostly I write because it is my love.

Just as words flow to the phrase and the phrase to the sentence, the sentence to the paragraph and the paragraph to the grand story--there is power in words. Over the years, stories, essays and theses from my mind, but many of them rest only with me. "Sincerely Yours," is my attempt at sharing my love for the written word with you in hopes that it may enlightened, encompass or invite you into worlds unconsidered. This is my life spun out in verbs, nouns and adjectives to introduce myself to you.


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